Nigel HENDERSON – Directeur général association de Penumbra, membre du réseau EuCoMS.

Intervention le 23 novembre de 8h45 à 9h10

« Focus sur EuCoMS : le réseau européen des services communautaires de santé mentale »

Nigel has worked in mental health in Scotland since 1979. He is qualified as both a mental health nurse (RMN) and general nurse (RGN).

After working in the National Health Service and for two other mental health charities, Nigel joined Penumbra ( in 1991. In 1999 Nigel was appointed Chief Executive of Penumbra, which is one of Scotland’s most innovative mental health organisations. During this time Nigel has been a founding partner of both ‘see me’, Scotland’s anti stigma campaign and The Scottish Recovery Network . Nigel has also served as a non executive Board Member of NHS Health Scotland and the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland. From 2014-2018 he was President of Mental Health Europe.

What are your motivation to attend the AdESM international Congress ?

I have been invited to attend to present the work of EuCoMS the European network of community mental health providers.

Can you sum up your intervention ?

EuCoMS is a developing European network of community mental health service providers. We are developing examples of good practice and ways of sharing experiences and learning across Europe. We have developed a position paper that sets out our objectives, values and principles.