Melita MURKO

Intervention le 23 novembre, de 11h55 à 12h20

“Égalité et réalité des droits des personnes. Enjeu majeur de la transformation / Mental health, human rights and standarts of care.”

Melita Murko is a psychologist from Bosnia and Herzgovina with over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health at the national, regional and international level.
Two largest projects she worked on in the past were the Mental Health Project for South-eastern Europe, implemented under the Stability Pact’s Social Cohesion Initiative from 2002-2008, and the WHO European Declaration Better health, better lives : children and young people with intellectual disabilities and their families, endorsed by the Regional Committee in Azerbaijan in 2011.

Since June 2016 Melita has been working for the WHO Regional Office for Europe as a technical officer with the Mental Health Programme. Her primary responsibility is to coordinate the WHO Project on long-term institutions for adults with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. This project is implemented at the request of the Regional Director and in its third phase, which commenced in June 2018, the project will concentrate on the implementation of WHO quality strandards and promotion of human rights and recovery approach in selected long-term facilities in up to 15 European countries.

Can you sum up your intervention ?

The title of my presentation is : Mental health, human rights and standarts of care. In this presentation I will focus on the main findings from the newly published WHO report about the quality of institutional care for adults with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities in the European Region. In 2017, WHO QualitRights assessments were conducted in 75 mental health facilities across Europe and showed that many of these institutions are run down, poorly maintained and, too often, the setting for practices that are inhumane and antithetical to safe, effective and high-quality care.