Intervention le 22 novembre de 15h45 à 16h15

« Intégrer la télépsychiatrie dans l’organisation des soins – Le centre national de télépsychiatrie du Danemark »

Marie PALDAM FOLKER – Responsable du Centre national de télépsychiatrie, Odense

Marie Paldam Folker is Head of Department at Centre for Telepsychiatry. Marie has worked in the healthcare technology field for over 10 years specialising in technological interventions for mental health, incorporating design, implementation and evaluation. Originally trained as an Anthropologist, Marie is passionate about making a difference for people with mental illness and involving people with lived experience of mental health problems to inform and shape the development and implementation of technology-based interventions of Centre for Telepsychiatry.

What are your motivation to attend the AdESM international Congress ?

To meet French mental health care providers and learn more about challenges and opportunities in French mental health care.

Can you sum up your intervention ?

I will give a presentation about telepsychiatry in Denmark. Mental health is a major public health challenge, and mental disorders are the leading contributor to the burden of disease in European countries affecting more than 20 % of the population each year.
The need for treatment is growing and the resources are limited – we need do something differently.

Telepsychiatry and e-mental health provides new opportunities for preventing and providing treatment for mental health disorders. Digital mental health technologies are envisioned to offer
easier, faster and more cost-effective access to mental healthcare. The scope for integrating digital technology into mental healthcare is vast: video conferencing, interactive software, mobile
applications, sensor technologies and virtual reality. However, despite a rapidly expanding evidence base demonstrating the efficacy of e-mental health, its implementation in routine clinical practice and health care systems remains low.
The talk will provide a brief introduction to Danish mental health care with a focus on current challenges and national priorities. It will introduce the Centre for Telepsychiatry and how we work
with telepsychiatry and e-mental health in Denmark. Case examples of digital services currently being implemented in routine clinical practice will be presented and practical recommendations for service delivery and service development will be discussed.